Some smoke detectors contain very small amounts of Am-241.

Like all isotopes of americium, it is radioactive, with a half-life of 432.

Answer (1 of 6) First of all, I dont think the cost of americium is a factor. Nov 22, 2022 Americium-241 is widely used in smoke detectors.


Americium-241 (241 Am, Am-241) is an isotope of americium.

This is well below the background radiation level of about 360 millirems a year. . There's a nice irony that the.

1 kBq of americium-241.

. . The isotope Americium 241 has a molar mass of roundly 241 gmoles, and we have 3x10-7 grams of it.

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1 kBq of americium-241.

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7K comments, 242 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from SPOON TV LIVE SPOON TALK (MAY 17, 2023) EDITION. The half-live of americium-241 is 432 y.

. Inside an ionization detector is a small amount (perhaps 15000th of a gram) of americium-241.

Feb 15, 2023 Small amounts of it are found in the soil, plants and water from nuclear weapons testing.

If a new smoke detector has 1020 Am-241 nuclei when you buy it, how much time must pass before the detector only has 1018 nuclei Do you need to be concerned about a smoke detector running out of radioactive.

(The other isotope, americium-243, is 100 times more expensive.

A smoke detector costs about the same as a transistor radio and probably involves less electronics. So in the mid-1960s the US government, via the Atomic Energy Commission, licensed companies to use americium in smoke detectors, and produced Am-241 for sale in 1962 at 1,500gram. .

These. Homework Equations AAoe - - 0. This isotope costs around 1500 per gram but one gram is enough for more than 5000 detectors. . 245x10-9 moles. To little fires that dont produce much smoke, they respond swiftly.

For all practical purposes, the radiation source in the typical smoke detector contains mostly americium and neptunium, with very small quantities of other elements.

Unless tampered with, smoke detectors pose little to no health risk; a smoke detectors ability to save lives far outweighs the health risks from the radioactive materials. 5 bananas per year.

How much time is needed for the number of decays to reduce to 93000 decays per second.


When smoke particles enter the detector, they absorb the americium radiation, which.

This application relies on the alpha particles that are produced when the isotope decays as an ionization source.